Johannus has taken a different approach to building church organs. One that makes perfect sense. 

The instruments in these series are designed to fill your sanctuary with the presence of pipe organ sound. Thanks to extensive and powerful audio systems, Johannus church organs recreate the nuance and power of a pipe organ in your church.



Powerful enough to support congregational singing, the Ecclesia provides the organist with all the tools necessary to meet every challenge and fulfill every need. 

American Classic

Churches and concert halls around the world look to Johannus for musical support and inspiration. The American Classic provides world-class sound quality, unmatched console construction, technological innovation, and leadership.


Music lifts the spirit and transports people out of their everyday concerns. 

Sometimes the desire for musical expression creates something exceptional. This is why we have invented an instrument that will change the organ world forever. 

With a customizable Monarke, Johannus engineers build an organ designed with your requirements, often at a price lower than you ever imagined.